On June 10th 2016 our world came crashing down as we were told our oldest son would slowly lose all of his functioning, become bedridden, and eventually be taken from us all too soon from a horrible disease called Juvenile Batten Disease.

On October 10th 2016, we relived this horrible fate as we sat in a cold sterile doctor’s office across from our doctor who had tears streaming down her face and gasped for air as she told us that our youngest son would also have to suffer through this monster of a disease. This fate was verified on November 10th when we received confirmation of his diagnosis through genetic testing.

Our family has been struck to our knees and we are struggling just to function on a daily basis. Our children are our world and our life. This holiday season is going to be a very difficult time of year for us. As everyone celebrates, we will be struggling to come to terms with the fate of our amazing, loving little boys.

We have decided to focus on the small things, the little things, the ones that are all so often overlooked in the chaotic fast paced lives that we all live. We will not think of what the future holds or dwell on what we have already lost, but instead look into the eyes of the beautiful, little boys beside us and thank God that we have had the chance to call them ours. We will no longer take the little things for granted and will make sure that our friends, family and community know how much they are appreciated for stepping up to the plate with us during our darkest hours. Our one wish for you is that you will see all the good in this world and do this too.
Love, The Michaelsons

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